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Black Community: From Dependency to Power

Seba Heru-Ka Anu as part of his historic visit to the Portland area addressed the TaNefer Ankh Community of Portland Oregon on the subject of establishing a Black Community towards realizing Black Power (On Tuesday, October 25, 2016).
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Topic: Black Community - From Dependency To Power

Love Creates Our Community

Sba, Heru-Ka Anu, on his first visit with the TaNefer Ankh Community of Portland Oregon, led the ParAnkh Service (spiritual communion). He spoke on the topic Creating Our Community With Love
Sba, Anu spoke on the 'power of love' in the use of forging our relationships, in transformation of ourselves enabling the embrace of self and others. He gave the examples of Hon. Marcus Garvey, Hon. Malcolm X, and Hon. Dr. Martin L. King in their use of love in uniting Black people, and in the use of organizing and building. He stated that we should and must use love in creating our Community and enrolling our people to unity and action.

Topic: Using the Power of Love to Create Our Community - Sba, Heru-Ka Anu

Ta-Nefer Ankh Community

Ta-Nefer Ankh

The Ta-Nefer Ankh Community is an international African-centered community-organization living a Kemetic Way of Life. Ta-Nefer Ankh, meaning 'world of beautiful living', organizes African people to work together to establish unity, power and prosperity through community, organization, projects and programs. Through KemetWay our goal is to transform the life of our Ta-Nefer Ankh Community Members to one of abundance and prosperity. Today you can join Ta-Nefer Ankh and live the Way of Life.

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Living KemetWay

KemetWay is our culture, our guiding philosophy and practice. KemetWay is the contemporary expression of our ancestral Kemetic Way of Life -- the way of creating and maintaining righteousness, order, and balance; economic prosperity; personal and community character and development; and spiritual living.

The Kemetic Way of Life, then, as now, is designed to create and maintain 'optimal-life' for everyone and everything. It means that we work collectively to create and practice life-creating and life-sustaining relationships throughout creation. It means that we work collectively to generate and share abundance and prosperity with and for everyone. Read More

Ten Steps To Living KemetWay

KemetWay - The Contemporary Kemetic Way Of Life

1. Declare that you are embracing KemetWay - the Kemetic Way Of Life.

You can enter into practicing KemetWay at any time, and at any stage, in your life. You do not need to know much of anything about KemetWay to begin, since you will be learning as you go.

2. Consult with a Kemetic Seba to find out 'What You Need To Know', and 'What You Need To Do'

A consultation with a Ta-Nefer Ankh Seba will help you to know and understand the path you should be on towards achieving 'optimal-life'. The Seba will assist you in creating a Life-Map to chart your needs and responsibilities.
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If 'It Take A Village to Raise A Child'...
'You Must First Have A Village'

Community is the source of power... If we are to establish Unity, Organization, Institutions, Projects and Programs, it is through Community that they occur and are sustained; without Community they flounder. Take a look around you and observe that each of these entities among African / Black people come and go without Community.

TaNefer Ankh is creating the Community (Village) that is fundamental to our holistic wellbeing. Through community we are able to collectively transform ourselves, environment and the world. We invite you to join us in living into a TaNefer Ankh Community where you are. Contact us for details:

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African Hetero-ProCreation Vs Euro-White Homosexual Pathology

TaNefer Ankh embraces and revels in heterosexuality as a standard of sanity, health and wellbeing; and as in keeping with the 'Way of Life'. Homosexuality is rejected, disdained and seen as pathological and destructive to human-beings - individual and societal.
TaNefer Ankh recognizes homosexuality as anti-African/Black and as a White cultural pathology to be rejected without compromise.

African Hetero-ProCreation perpetuates life, honors Nature/Creation, is healthy and self-perpetuating; whereas Euro-White Homo-Sexual Pathology negates life, disregards Nature/Creation, is destructive and self-negating.

TaNefer Ankh celebrates and reveres Nature/Creation and the 'Way of Life'; and rejects that which is counter to Life.

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KemetWay ParAnkh

KemetWay ParAnkh is our Kemetic Religion and Spirituality Services We gather to commune with the Family of Creation, to celebrate Life, the Way of Life; to rejuvenate or Spirit, to build our Community.

Topic: Kemetic Spirituality and Religion - Sba, Heru-Ka Anu

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Ankh Institute 2019 Curriculum

Ankh Institute the education arm of TaNefer Ankh provides a curriculum for the development of the healthy African-centered mind.

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TaNefer Ankh Community Food Co-Op

In keeping with the Food Sovereignty/Food Security goals and objectives the TaNeferAnkh Community of Portland Oregon has launched the Food Power Co-Op.
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Blacknificient Life Radio Show

Sis. Dr. Mwanganza Bandele, hostess of the Blacknificient Life Radio Program interviewed Sba, Heru-Ka Anu on the subject of The Kemetic Way of Life
Topic: The Way of Ausar - The System For Generating Abundance and Prosperity
Topic: Kemetic Spirituality - The System For Communicating, Interacting and Living Powerfully With Creation
Topic: Kemetic Spirituality [pt 2] - The System For Communicating, Interacting and Living Powerfullly With Creation

Nefer TV

The Solution

Seba, Heru-Ka Anu

African American Unity, Power and Prosperity
Seba, Heru-Ka Anu is bringing the message of The Solution to cities across North America. One of his last stops was Detroit Michigan. As in other cities, Seba Anu stated to his audience: " The Kemetic System-Model offers The Solution to African American Unity, Power and Prosperity. Read More

TaNefer Ankh celebrates Peret - The Food Season

Ntr Ausar

Peret is celebrated by TaNefer Ankh from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice (mid-March - mid-June). During this time period we focus on and endeavor to generate food in abundance.

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Heb Peret Presentations

Sba Heru-Ka Anu, Heb Peret Keynote Presentation
Sba Ray Shellmire, Heb Peret Food Sovereignty Presentation

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