KemetWay ParAnkh

Here we feature recorded KemetWay ParAnkh address from our radio broadcast and from our ParAnkh Locations. Some recordings are most recent address and some earlier.

KemetWay ParAnkh

KemetWay ParAnkh is our Kemetic Religion and Spirituality Service. We gather to commune with the Family of Creation, to celebrate Ankh (Life), KemetWay (the Way of Life); to rejuvenate our Spirit, to build our Community.

Sba, Heru-Ka Anu - The Season of Ankhu (All Living Beings) - 10-6-2019
Sba, Heru-Ka Anu - The Black Power Ministry - 9-22-2019
Sba, Heru-Ka Anu - Establishing the Ausar-Chissell ParAnkh in PDX - 9-15-2019

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