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Seba Anu Talks The Solution

African American Unity, Power and Prosperity

Seba, Heru-Ka Anu

Seba, Heru-Ka Anu, leader of Ta-Nefer Ankh Community presented The Solution before a group in Detroit, Michigan. Invited to Detroit by Elder Kwadjo Thompson on behalf of the Kheper-Ra Study and by teacher Bonotchi Montgomery, Seba Anu pointed out to those in attendance that where most people in Detroit see economic poverty and decay due to abandonment by the White controlled businesses, he sees opportunity for empowerment, abundance and prosperity. "Instead of looking to White people for employment and economic leadership, Black people have the capacity to bring economic prosperity to Detroit if they would but work together using their own genius to solve their plight."

Detroit Leaders There to promote the creation of a Ta-Nefer Ankh Community and the embrace of KemetWay Seba Anu stated that the Kemetic System-Model offers The Solution to African American Unity and Prosperity. Highlighting the achievements of our Aku (Ancestors) he stated: "Ancient Kemet (Egypt) was the flagship of African Civilization - Using the Kemetic System- Model our Ancestors created civilizations throughout Africa and the ancient world - including Asia Minor, India, Asia, and the Americas - that endured for more than 5,000 years. African civilization and societies, from one perspective, are a testament to the genius and capability of African people and as human beings." He continued: "They illustrate what was possible then, and indicate for us what is possible in the present." Quoting Hon. Marcus Garvey Seba Anu stated: "What Man and Woman has done (in the past), Man and Woman can do (in the present)… If our people created great societies and civilization then, we most certainly can do it now!"

Kheper-Ra Study Group - Detroit When asked about the success of his efforts, Seba Anu stated: "The effort to motivate our people to create community and adopt The Solution to their lives is a difficult and demanding task because many of our people are disorganized and or demoralized. Many have come to doubt themselves, and in some instances can't see beyond their present conditions… They have to be shown that they can accomplish anything they put their minds and effort to… A large part of the problem is that White people have negatively affected the thinking of Black people and, for some, we have lost the African Way, we are not in unison with our Neteru, Ancestors and the forces of Creation, therefore we think we can't do what we want to see done. However, we of Ta-Nefer Ankh are saying and demonstrating that through the creation of a Ta-Nefer Ankh Community in Detroit and elsewhere, and the embrace of KemetWay we can bring ourselves back to health, abundance and prosperity, and to greatness."

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