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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ceremony & Ritual | Forum Presentations | and Festival-Celebration

Ankh - the Gift of Life Heb Ankhu celebrates the 'Human Presence In Creation' past, present and future... Humanity and Life as a gift of the Ntru (Creation) that we are charged with celebrating and revering...

Heb Ankhu the Festival-Celebration of the Living begins our season of Ankhu.... During this time we reflect on the presence of humanity in Creation with regards to our responsibilities; accountability; relationships throughout Creation accord and discord; achievements and future It is a time for action, adjustments and change that is needed to get on to the path of living the Way Of Life

Ankhu Workshop Series: The Five Accords (October - November 2015)

During the season of Ankhu (September 19th December 20th) we focus on aligning ourselves with the Ntru and Creation along the 'Five- Accords'; doing so puts us in harmony, order, balance, rightness and Life everlasting.

We take the time to do a concentrated effort to address our discord and imbalance. TaNefer Ankh hosts a five-part workshop during the season of Ankhu to support participants in keeping with and achieving this objective. Participants are guided in a way that explains and lays out the goal, objectives and tasks to be fulfilled.

Ankhu Workshop Series: The Five Accords

History of the Heb Ankhu

Seba, Heru-Ka Anu Heb Ankhu The Festival of Life - has origins going back millions of years to the very first time our Ancestors collectively gave thanks to the Ntru (the Creator and Life-Forces) for the gift of Life, abundance and prosperity and all blessings. Our Festival-Celebration of Heb Ankhu is taken from our Kemetic Ancestors who kept to the path of honoring their responsibility to the Ntru for the gift of Life. Heb Ankhu The Festival of Life was celebrated for thousands of years throughout the existence of Kemet, it was a very large festival-celebration with many aspects including celebrations of the the Aku (Ancestors), the Unnu (Those Present), The Peret (Progeny/Those Yet to Come), and all Life within Creation.

After thousands of years of disconnect the Festival is being recreated and performed in a modern context by Seba, Heru-Ka Anu, leader of the TaNefer Ankh Community. In its 'modern context' the ceremony is part of a larger project to repair the disconnect, to recreate and reconnect us, to the current of Africa Civilization via the path of Kemet Way - the contemporary practice of the Kemetic Way of Life - of which Seba, Heru-Ka Anu is a principle leader and architect.

Heb Ankhu The Festival of Life gives our community a formal method by which to honor and celebrate the Human Presence In Creation, and to thank the Ntru for the 'Gift of Life'. Throughout the season of Ankhu we focus on the 'Gift of Life', our responsibilities related thereto, and towards forfiling the mandates to celebrate, revere and perpetuate life; to keep to, order, harmony and balance with all Life;and to seek and maintain relationships of 'optimal-Life' with everyone and everything.

Ankh Raising Ceremony Heb Ankhu The Festival of Life is a complex of ceremonies and rituals that includes among others, 'Calling the Ntcheru' to convene together on earth before the community, to hear from the community; Heb Aku (Festival of the Ancestors), the 'Ancestor Ascension Ceremony', ceremonies celebrating the Leader (Nsut Bity) and other leaders including elders; celebrating the accomplishments of the society and community; celebrations revering the progeny the newly conceived, newborns, the infants and toddlers, and celebrations and ceremonies calling on 'Those Yet To Come'. Heb Ankhu The Festival of Life was celebrated in all manner of expression rituals, ceremonies, dance, art, music, work, etc; every area of human endeavor was given to making the festival-celebration an outstanding one. Consistent with the festival-celebration and its meaning we now take an entire season season of Ankhu to acknowledge the 'Human Presence In Creation' and to cultivate being in accord with the mandates governing our responsibilities towards optimal-life. In so doing TaNefer Ankh hosts the 'Humanity Forum', the , classes, lectures and other opportunities of dialogue and exchange for sharing and gleaning information about our existence, role and responsibilities within and to Creation.

Heb Ankhu The Festival of Life is a very beautiful and powerful festival-celebration with ceremony and rituals, and no one who walks the path of the 'Way of Life' should miss the opportunity to celebrate the 'gift of life' and to honor the 'human existence' in Creation.

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