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TaNefer Ankh Community

TaNefer Ankh Community

Community (Village) is the foundation for establishing society and success. Community is a system that people use to guide their collective behaviors and practices for group sustainability, development and success. We are taking the first step by creating communities wherever we are; by doing so we can then establish organization, institutions, programs and projects. We are creating Kemetic Community wherein we are able to live KemetWay - the contemporary philosophy and practice of the ancient Kemetic Way of Life.

'Birds of a feather can flock together'; like this adage, those of us who share the same philosophy and orientation can come together, work together and prosper together just as our people have done for tens-of-thousands-of-years. Though KemetWay we can realize self-reliance, independence, sustainability and the lifestyle that we desire.

Imagine living in a community that you own and control where the housing, schools, businesses, political institutions, cultural institutions, food and resources, all belong to, and are under the control of your community - Community Control.

TaNefer Ankh Organization

Through our community we are able to develop and sustain organization that is necessary for unity, leadership, organized and collective endeavors. Our organization enables us to operate on one accord in our pursuit, growth and development. We are able to convert our unity into power to get things done - as the saying goes: "There is power in unity".

Though small and growing we have unity across North America and are converting our unity into establishing what we need to make the right difference in our lives. Our organization is structured that you can join and begin to benefit, and grow with us, no matter where you are located.

TaNefer Ankh Institutions

Institutions are necessary to enable and support our 'way of life'. Our institutions are the manifestation of our power, and they support us in creating more power.

We are creating our own industry, schools, businesses, homes, transportation, communications systems, systems of commerce and trade. We are our own banks and currency - our own economic system. We are acquiring land and resources to provide food and other essential needs for our health and wellbeing.

We you join you to will engaged in the great enterprise of doing for self and community.

TaNefer Ankh Programs

Land - farming, housing, recreation, and more
Education and Technology - primary schools, colleges and universities
Industry and Business Development - banks, retail, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale
Trade & Commerce


Farmland Project
"A people who can feed themselves can free themselves" - Seba, Heru-Ka Anu We are purchasing farm land to grow our own food. By owing ad controlling our own land we will produces natural and healthy foods, in abundance and at lower cost to ourselves. Our food production will support our food retail, wholesale, distribution and overall sustainability goals.


The TaNefer Ankh Housing Program