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Ta-Nefer Ankh Community/Organization and Way of Life

Ta-Nefer Ankh Community/Organization and Way of Life

Ta-Nefer Ankh - meaning world of beautiful living - is both our community and our organization. Ta-Nefer Ankh Communities are made up of people coming together and working collectively to create self-reliance and to provide food, resources, comfort, and all that we need for everyone and everything. We practice life-creating and life-sustaining relationships with all of Creation.

The Ta Nefer Ankh Community unites and empowers us to work as a unit to achieve optimal life, to maintain health and well-being, and to create a beautiful world. Through collective consciousness and shared vision we work collectively to create unity, power and prosperity. Using the philosophy and practice of KemetWay we are creating community, empowering ourselves and transforming society.

We are creating Ta-Nefer Ankh Communities across North America and around the world to achieve self reliance, independence and freedom and global harmony on behalf of humanity and all of Creation. We are endeavoring collectively to create communities and societies that provide 'optimal living' for everyone and everything by practicing the 'way of life', as opposed to the 'way of barbarism' - that denigrates and exploits humanity and creation for selfish means.

We believe that everyone is entitled to food, shelter, clothing, education, security, energy, and all things we depend upon for our survival and development by right-of-existence. All of these things were granted to us by the Creator. That human beings are now deprived of these things has to do with the negative actions on the part of backwards human beings who are not entitled to deprive other human being, including us. Therefore we see it as our responsibility to re-claim what is rightfully ours.

We are opposed to the 'way of barbarism' and are committed to eliminating systems of degradation and exploitation - e.g. racism, sexism, capitalism, ageism, human imprisonment, slavery, genocide, environmental destruction and degradation, etc. Ta-Nefer Ankh Communities fosters the celebration and harmony of life throughout Creation.

To join Ta-Nefer Ankh
To join Ta-Nefer Ankh requires a commitment to live KemetWay - the contemporary Kemetic Way of Life and to be a Ta-Nefer Ankh Community Member in good standing.

To become a community member complete the Ta-Nefer Ankh Community Membership Application

For all questions, comments and concerns write to us at: Life@TaNeferAnkh.com