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We are members of the 'Family of Creation' we are Siblings, then we become Ancestors. It is part of the African tradition to acknowledge and proclaim our relationships and membership in 'Creations Family'. Generally, the acknowledgement starts at the announcement of pregnancy alerting everyone that a new life - a Seed (one yet to come) - is on the way from the 'spirit world'. For this gift we hold a Seed Ceremony (like a baby-shower) to celebrate the pregnancy - including the new life on the way, and the gift to the mother (fertility) and to the father (virility).

Once the new child/children is here a welcome ceremony is held 30-days after the arrival. Between six-months and the first year of the child/children arrival a naming ceremony is held. This time period is considered the period where-in the child determines if it wants to stay. The naming ceremony (Aq Ren) marks the child/children's commitment to stay in this world. During the naming ceremony the child is dedicated to the Neteru, Aku (Ancestors) and Mut-Tef Ka-Neter (Mut (mother), the Tef (father) Ka-Neter ('god parents')), and to the faith and community.     Both the consecration and naming ceremony are performed for adults as well.

Kemetic Wedding Ceremony

Receive your Kemetic Consecration when you decide to take the path of the Sacred Society for yourself and your family.

Adult Naming Ceremony

Names, like words, have generating power - they call you into being. Insure your name associates you with the Creator and the life-creating and life-sustaining forces, and with your cultural heritage. We are also available to consult on name selection.

Child/Youth Naming Ceremony

Your child / You should have a name that calls him/her to power, prosperity and abundance.

Ancestor Ascension Ceremony

The funeral ceremony is principally designed to bid the deceased farewell; the Ancestor Ascension Ceremony is to acknowledge and celebrate your departed loved-one as an Ancestor. An Ascension Ceremony is generally scheduled to take place approximately 40-days after the transition of the deceased.

Home/Business Blessing


Counseling - Family, Marriage, Grief Counseling is designed to assist and guide participants to a healthy place. Our counseling guides you through the process of examining and understanding from which solution, resolution, wholeness and completeness can be had. Counseling is highly recommended in for Family, Marriage and Grief matters.

Family Counseling

Marriage Counseling

for before, during and post-marriage

Grief Counseling

for completion with relationship break-up, illness, or transition of a loved-one


In life conflicts occur. Most often we are able to resolve them on our own; however, there are some occasion and some conflicts that require professional assistance. Mediation can be the solution that enables both parties to find a resolution. Mediation empowers both parties with a neutral third party and support that is committed to a healthy outcome for both sides. Mediation is a win-win for everyone.

Family Mediation

Mediation - services address family conflicts, anger management, business conflict

Discrimination Mediation

We do discrimination mediation

Coaching - Life, Business, Endeavors

Each of us can use support of a Coach to get more from ourselves than we can generally command alone. The best athletes, entertainers, leaders, and business-people all have coaches to call, push and guide them to giving and doing better than they would if left to do it on their own. A Coach is like your conscious and your mirror - they reflect back to you the extraordinary and outstanding self that you say you can be. Do not leave your life to chance - move beyond ordinary to extraordinary with coaching.
Coaching can be for a short period of time - to complete a project for example - or indefinite that you may continually produce at your very best.

Business Coaching

Coaching to supports you in achieving optimal performance and prosperity

Life Coaching

Coaching to supports you in achieving optimal performance and prosperity


Readings - Spiritual, Energy Having peace, harmony, order and balance is essential to our wellbeing - Readings allow us to look at what is present that you may need to address in order to achieve your optimal wellbeing. Spiritual Readings assist you in relating to the families of creation - the Neteru, Ancestors, Siblings and seeds. Energy Readings assist you in recognizing if you are balanced and or if there are imbalances.

Spiritual Readings

to assist you in being centered, grounded and balanced.

Energy Readings

to assist you in being centered, grounded and balanced.


Child/Youth Consecration

Adult Consecration

We are available to provide services for as few as one, or for as many as a village.

All of the above services are fee-based

Some Services -Counseling, Mediation, Coaching, Readings and Consulting - can be provided via video and tele-conference, other services are provided on location.

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