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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Community
Question: Do I have to live in an area with an established community to join Ta-Nefer Ankh?
Answer: No, you do not. In your case you can join a 'Virtual Community'.

Question: What is a Virtual Community?
Answer: A Virtual Community where instead of a physical location or buildings we interact with each other by using the Internet (video-conference, email, websites, internet-radio, etc), telephone, and meetings.

Question: Can I get the same community benefits from a Virtual Community that I get from a 'Physical Community'?
Answer: Yes and No! You can learn and practice KemetWay; participate in creating unity, power and prosperity; participate in ceremonies, celebrations, festivals and rituals; participate in on-line study groups and specific member-only groups. However, you will need to participate in a 'Physical Community' to have an established parankh (house of life), live in a communal setting, participate in a community garden and achieve other benefits. Though, in the meantime it is recommended that you join a 'Virtual Community' while engaged in creating a 'Physical Community'.

Classes and Core Curriculum
Question: Is it required that I take the 'Core Curriculum' classes?
Answer: Yes! The 'Core Curriculum' is designed to ensure that each Community Member has the same understanding (common-consciousness, and shared-vision) with respect to who we are as a people, our history, our present actions, and our future endeavors.

Question: I have been studying African history for years, I know and understand African people and history very well, therefore, why am I required to take the 'Core Curriculum' classes?
Answer: The 'Core Curriculum' classes are designed to put us all on the same page using the same understanding, ideas, and concepts; just like the field of medicine has its own language, or astronomy has its own language, so does KemetWay and Ta-Nefer Ankh. For example, what we know as 'Ausar's Mandate' is not common knowledge, not even to the most learned persons of African history and culture.

Question: Are contributions to the Ta-Nefer Ankh Community required?
Answer: Yes! Community requires resources to create, develop and maintain. Pooling our resources is in part the solution to creating community, without it we cannot build.

Question: I just joined, so why should I contribute to the community when I'm just starting?
Answer: All of the facilities, services, leadership and support that Ta-Nefer Ankh offers and provides came from the contributions of others. You are able to immediately benefit from the contributions of those ahead of you.