Black Community: From Dependency to Power

Seba Heru-Ka Anu as part of his historic visit to the area addressed the TaNefer Ankh Community of Portland Oregon on the subject of establishing a Black Community towards realizing Black Power (On Tuesday, October 25, 2016).

Seba Anu, addressed the importance of Community as a fundamental building block for supporting and sustaining organizations, institutions, industry, leadership and governance. He pointed out that an ongoing fault of Black people is that of creating institutions, programs and projects without a community of support; hence the high rate of failures. He likened it to "putting the cart before the horse". He stated that "Community determines what is needed for its health and well-being", that if we created 'Community First' then we will succeed with establishing all else that the community needs - especially power.

Seba Anu's presentation included an assessment of the initiatives - including communities, leaders and organizations - that have succeeded and failed, yet provide examples of what we should and should-not do, and of what we can to be successful. His assessment included a look at trailblazers including Hon. Booker T. Washington, Hon. Marcus Garvey and the UNIA, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, Hon. Malcolm X and the NOI and the OAAU, and the Hon. Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party.

Seba Anu talked of the KemetWay philosophy and practices guiding the TaNefer Ankh Community and how it is leading Us (African Americans) in a progressive way towards self-reliance, independence and achieving the goals of the Black Agenda. He pointed out that the 'Community First' and 'Food Power' initiatives of the TaNefer Ankh Community of Portland are examples of success and models for progressive action.

Seba Anu and Seba Ray Shellmire both highlighted the fact that it has taken years for the ideas and leadership to gain traction, and now momentum. Seba Shellmire pointed to Seba Anu for introducing KemetWay (the contemporary philosophy and practices of the ancient African/Kemetic Way of Life) to the Portland area and initiating the 'Community First' project. Seba Anu, in turn, recognized his first students including Bro. Manual whom he taught via teleconference, and whom he was meeting in person for the first time this evening; and he acknowledged Seba Shellmire for his commitment, effort and leadership in embracing KemetWay and endeavoring to create a TaNefer Ankh Community of Portland Oregon. They both acknowledged that the majority of people in attendance for this historic visit by Seba Anu, and of this occasion were members of the TaNefer Ankh Community of Portland.

Seba Anu spoke of the Food Power initiative and the launching of the TaNefer Ankh Community Food Co-Op was to take place in just a few days following this historic event. (see details on this site).

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