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KemetWay The Contemporary philosophy and practice of the ancient Kemetic Way of Life

KemetWay is a system for improving the quality of life - including generating abundance and prosperity in the way of food, resources and comfort. Our Kemetic Ancestors answered the questions of how to live the best life; they put in place a system that allowed to create the greatest civilization known in the world the Kemetic Civilization, also called Ancient Egypt. Their civilization/society lasted for thousands of years and was the model for all other ancient societies and for many contemporary societies. By living and practicing KemetWay we are too are putting in place a system for improving our quality of life.

KemetWay is lived and practiced by way of community
Only through community can we collectively put in place the unity, organization, and institutions that allow us to practice our guiding philosophy. Though the TaNefer Ankh Community we are able to live and practice KemetWay.

KemetWay is a road-map for what we are to do and how we are to do it.
KemetWay is a system that guides us in the 'Way of Life'

KemetWay reconnects us with the 'African Way of Life'
Kemet, Africa's third oldest civilization, practiced the 'Way of Life' that is by living the 'life-centered life'. By reconnecting to our Kemetic Ancestors and living the life-style that they developed we too are reconnected to the 'African Way of Life'.

KemetWay is an effective counter too, and defense against, the 'Way of Barbarism' and 'White Racism'
KemetWay the 'Way of Life' generates a healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with all of Creation, whereas the 'Way of Barbarism' is destructive and opposes harmony. White Racism, which comes from the 'Way of Barbarism' is destructive and opposes harmony among human beings. By embracing and living KemetWay we are able to defend against and actively take action to end both the 'Way of Barbarism' and 'White Racism'.

KemetWay guides our relationships family, community, social, and environmental.
KemetWay is our 'guide-book' on creating and living a healthy life-style with everyone and everything. KemetWay shows us the way to raise healthy families, how to live together and in harmony with each other, and how to live in harmony with the environment Nature and Creation.

KemetWay The Contemporary philosophy and practice of the ancient Kemetic Way of Life is learned through study and practice
To Learn KemetWay we all take classes and join each other in collective practice.

There are four sub-systems that make up KemetWay 1. The Way of Ausar 2. The Way of Maat 3. The Way of Amun 4. The Way of Ankh

The four systems are lived as you learn them

To learn and practice KemetWay take the classes and join TaNefer Ankh

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Ten Steps to Living KemetWay Cont.

3. Become a Ta-Nefer Ankh Community Affiliate

By becoming a Ta-Nefer Ankh Community Affiliate you are now coming more into being a Kemetic Person, because it is in the community that you are able to more fully practice KemetWay

4. Participate in an Akh-t Neter / Ua't Kemet Ceremony

The Akh-t Neter / Ua't Kemet Ceremony is in respect to your declaration to live the 'Way of Life' and the 'Sacred Society' and to negate the 'Way of Barbarism' and the 'profane society'. This is a consecration ceremony marking your entrance into the sacred society and on the path of the 'Way of Life'.

5. Take a Kemetic name though the Kemetic Naming Ceremony

Your Ren (name) is very important because it identifies who you are, as well as calls you into being. Having the name of foreigners identifies you as a foreigner to your African self, and calls you into being a foreigner. Having a Kemetic Name identifies you as a part of the Kemetic World in particular and the African World, in general.

6. Complete the Community Membership Orientation

The Community Membership Orientation is healing and empowering - it provides basic information about KemetWay and the African-Worldview; and it helps you to break from the hold of the 'Way of Barbarism' and 'White-Racism'. The Community Membership Orientation uplifts your spirit and empowers you with knowledge for transforming your life and the world.

7. Enter the path of 'What There Is To Know'

On the path of 'What There Is To Know' you enter the realm of the sacred and special knowledge, rituals and beliefs of KemetWay and Ta-Nefer Ankh. As 'knowledge is power', you learn how to create and transform life to be its very best. Learning 'What There Is To Know' ensures your optimal living as we journey though life.

8. Enter the path of 'What There is To Do'

On the Path of 'What There Is To Do' empowers you to create the optimal community and society. Fulfilling 'What There Is To Do' creates abundance and prosperity, powerful relationships with Creation, and optimal-life. By being in action - living powerfully with creation - you get to transform society to be its very best

9. Participate in the Rites, Ceremonies, Rituals and Festivals

The saying: 'There is power in numbers', becomes a greater reality when we come together to create and transform ourselves, community, and society in unity and harmony. The Rites, Ceremonies, Rituals and Festivals brings us together to live powerfully with Creation, joining together our ability to create whatever we put our minds to.

10. Live KemetWay Daily

Living KemetWay is the ultimate state of existence - doing so means that you are living powerfully with Creation, generating abundance and prosperity, creating the best community and society, celebrating, revering and promoting optimal life; it means that you are living into your vision, and the best that life can be. Living KemetWay means that you are doing the right thing in life and are receiving the best results.